Ableton Tutorial
by Beat Drop  

Contains: 1 HD Video, Ableton Project Files and PDF
Video Length: 33 minutes
Requirements: Ableton Live 9.5 or higher
Genre: Future Bass, Future R&B
Price: FREE

Back to the future?

Future music has elements of trap, garage, 90s R&B and 90s Nintendo video game music. One very distinct ingredient is the big wide saw and square wave pad sounds found in the drop. Follow along as we build a patch inside of Ableton’s instrument rack with 3 different Operators and learn how to customize it with effects and automation, while learning the types of chord voicings that work best. 

What do I get in this free download?

  • 36 min HD Video tutorial. Covering Synthesis, production and music theory.
  • An Ableton project file of the track Johnny's Revenge with the Future Pad track we create in the video
  • An in depth walkthru (PDF) with step by step directions

Future Pad Tutorial Teaser Video