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Jan 13 2020


Learn to produce music
produce | perform


DJ Masters Program

Learn the craft of DJing from some of Canada’s most respected DJ’s. Make creative DJing decisions on the fly based on reading your audience and learn how to control and grow your brand as an artist. Go from zero to creating a career as a DJ


Electronic Music Production

Understanding how to create and compose and find your unique voice is our goal for each student, while learning to adapt to the changing landscape that is today’s music industry. 



Beat Drop finds new partnership w the NMC

Studio Bell is home of the National Music Centre, one the greatest synth collections in the world and now partnered with Canada’s first Ableton Training Centre…. Beat Drop.

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with the NMC. With access to its studios and synth collection, Studio Bell becomes and excellent classroom for tomorrow’s artists and sound designers.

NMC 2.jpg

Produce | Perform
Tomorrow’s Artists

Learn to create and produce the music you have always wanted to. Become the artist you’ve dreamed about.


Beat Drop is Canada’s first Ableton Certified Training Centre

Ableton Live is the standard for electronic music production and live performance so when we decided on a DAW to teach modern music production there was little debate on which way to go.

“It’s the most musical DAW in the world. You can continue to write, edit, mix and jam without every stopping the music…..its what makes Ableton different.” - Ableton Certified Trainer and Beat Drop founder Mitch Lee


Mix | Perform

Learn how to mix and perform with today’s technology.


Not ready for a program?

Take a Single Course

Individual courses are a great way to check out Beat Drop and figure out if producing or DJing are for you. Evening classes make it easy for you to keep your day job and pursue the dreams that you have always had.


Fun | Interactive
Kid’s Programs

Learn Ableton Live or Learn to DJ with our unique after school programs.