"I knew that production was the next step in my music career if I eventually want to be travelling/touring the best way to get your name out there is to be producing your own sound. I had heard about beatdrop and had been watching the website for over a year. Taking the plunge was the best thing I ever could have done. I feel competent and ready to take on more classes!" - Chelsea M

"Challenging, fun, and exciting. If you consider yourself an up and coming artist / DJ this program is a must. Learn to create different remixes of your favorite tunes and take the first steps to becoming an original music producer." - Ty J

"Ableton Live Core I was a fantastic course for covering the basics of Ableton Live, especially if you have no prior knowledge of the software. The teachers were really friendly, and the class moved at a pace that allowed you to really grasp the concepts without moving too fast or slow." - Alex

"Great place to learn, knowledgable and the enthusiasm of the teachers is great. You get get to know Ableton a systems really well and giving you lots of ideas to explore on your own. Thanks" Danny H

"Well worth the effort. Direct, to the point lessons that guide you through all the ins and outs of Ableton, never spending more time on one thing than necessary. Small class size also insured I got plenty of one on one guidance from the very knowledgeable instructors. Would definitely recommend this class to anyone wanting to go from dabbling with music to full on production with Ableton. Can't wait for the Follow up course!" - Zarko

"This class was great. Donald really knows his stuff and is a great instructor. I highly recommend this course for anyone that is getting into or is already into production and using ableton. lots to learn and lots of fun!" - Greyson

"Ableton Core I was so good! The amount of knowledge i've gained through the course from day 1 to now is pretty amazing. Donald is a fantastic teacher and knows ableton in and out, made the course real fun to take." - Reece A

"ALC1 is fantastic. I have many more tools on my belt and feel comfortable navigating all the features in Ableton. This course has wet my appetite to learn about music production." - Nathan F

"I Learned how to use my creativity and put it into a software that I have never tried before."  -Maria

"Great course for people who are curious about Ableton.  I went from knowing nothing to making songs easy."

"If your creative, wanting more than just listening to music, take this course: Top to bottom Ableton learning process. Mind Blown."  - Michael

"This course was a great introduction to Ableton. It gave me a solid understanding of what I need to start creating music."

"I registered for this course out of curiosity, and now working with Ableton is part of my daily routine."  - Anthony

"A great way to take the next step in your music career or to start one.  All the tools to become a DJ or producer learned in four months." - Emerencz

"Bangin! I was like whoa!!!?!" - Ken

"Great class and instructors, fast paced and lots of useful Ableton tools for the novice and experienced music lover."  - Tom

"If you are looking to understand and learn the basics and fundamentals of Ableton this is definitely a must."  - Scott

"Awesome class: filled in so many of the gaps of self-taught material. I can't wait for Ableton Core II!!!" - Ryan

"Ableton Core I is the perfect introduction to making beats and music.  Provides you with the tools and confidence you need to use Ableton software fluently." -  Mark

"Great Course.  I feel more confident using Live's tools.  My work flow has gotten better.  Will definitely take more courses at Beat Drop."  - Vinh

"Beat Drop is the perfect route for anyone interested in getting into production.  The teachers are great at communicating and are extremely knowledgeable.  The classes are well formed to build a confident foundation."  - Jeremy

"Ableton Core I was an amazing learning experience and overall fun time.  It allowed me to get past the steep initial learning curve and start producing music with confidence."  - Carter

"This course, through Beat Drop, will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. You will leave this course having the confidence to create and express your art. You will meet amazing, like minded individuals that want you to succeed and you get the perks of a small class size, engaging instructors, and the best exposure to the industry that exists in Calgary. Coming into this course with ZERO knowledge in Ableton, I've graduated with full assurance that I can complete a finished piece of art that is ready for commercial exposure."- Tim O

"Beat Drop is an amazing atmosphere where you get to learn from people who are passionately devoting their lives to making music." - Beni D

"I was skeptical at first about what i would get out of this course and if it was worth the money, but after having completed it, i am now interested in taking as many courses as BeatDrop has to offer. Mitch and his crew were great, and the atmosphere was totally easygoing, very comfortable environment for learning. Not only did I learn the in's and out's of Ableton, but also some quite valuable knowledge in audio production overall, that i can use anywhere. I'd recommend this course to anyone who is sick of just tinkering around and wants to take their music to the next level. See y'all in the fall!" - Paul F

"If you're considering taking this course, then take it. Undoubtedly the most effective and efficient way to take your ableton methods to the next level, no matter what your level of experience." - Lauren D

"Learning in an open environment with likeminded people is integral to moving forward. Beat Drop has given us this environment and we all have moved forward. For me it has given me the understanding of how the program works what each facet of it does and how it relates to the procedure of music production; from an idea to a finish track. Thank you." - Chris B

Ableton Live Core I is the perfect way to get a grasp on Ableton itself and how to use it. Having used Ableton 6 years prior to this course and being self taught, I was surprised at the amount of information and tips/tricks I had learnt! whether you are beginning or already familiar with Ableton, check this course out!! It's definitely worth it!" - Chad D

"When your first sitting down to Ableton it can definitely be a little intimidating. This Course really breaks down some of the most important aspects of the massive world that is Ableton and gets you flowing through it immediately. I strongly Recommend this course!" - Jimmy D

 “Having walked in with absolutely minimal knowledge I did not know much of what I was getting into. I can now say after completing Ableton 303 the knowledge gained from the course is absolutely worth it. It was an incredibly helpful course and I had a lot of fun taking it. Infinite thanks to Mitch and his crew.” - Russ

“The Ableton Live Core production class is an awesome crash course in professional audio production. Whatever your musical style, the course teaches the fundamental skills to start producing, remixing, and performing with Ableton Live. I had a great time learning, and the classes are fun and engaging. I would highly recommend BeatDrop if you’re trying to figure out how to take your passion for music to the next level.” - Steve

“Beatdrop was such a helpful course. Coming into beatdrop I had no prior knowledge of the program, Now I have the skills and techniques to lay out a ton of “sick beats” and we got to watch cat videos!!!” - Gage

“This class was well worth the money. Great environment to learn in, and awesome people teaching it. Learned everything I needed to know, and more. Went into this class with out ever touching a DAW, and came out pretty confident in my abilities. Would definitely recommend this class to anyone.” - Brad

“The live course was dope! Instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful. The course was well prepared and formatted to give a solid memorble introduction to Live. I came away from the course with an understanding of the abilities of the software, a starting point to pour creativity into, and a lot of song production and mastering ideas to further study and explore. I have been recommending the course to friends that have expressed interest in learning beat production. I’ve also been loving the free artist workshops. Calgary is blessed to have Beat Drop!” - Scott

“I had a fantastic time at Beatdrop’s Electronic Music Production 101 course. I was very impressed with the facilities and Mitch’s instruction. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to get started producing music on their laptops, and I look forward to taking further courses at Beatdrop to further my education.” –Tyler

“Beat drop was super hype.I love the small class size and hand on approach. Made it easy to learn things quickly” – Kamille

“Beat drop was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. The class was very easy to get along with and the teacher went very in-depth for all the questions I had. Thanks to Beat Drop I’ve made Ableton my main digital audio workstation and I have progressed a lot in electronic music.” – Mike

"As a lover of music, I am a self styled 'DJ', but lacked the technical skills necessary to perform even the most basic mixes. Beat Drop provided a top notch facility, well organized and laid out, and a professional yet laid back environment in which to learn. I enjoyed my classes, as well as my classmates. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and approachable, always supportive, never condescending. DJ101 instilled in me the fundamentals necessary to mix and scratch, now it's up to me to practice, practice, practice." Jonathan S

"Solid team throughout, Good quality information and a high grade experience for any person interested in learning the basics of DJing. I highly recommend this course!" - Jordan I

"Beat Drop is a huge asset to Calgary and our music community. The environment is very open, supportive and encouraging, and the instructors and TA's are all great people with various ranges of knowledge to share. The money is definitely worth the skills you gain, never mind the network and friends you gain from the students and faculty at Beat Drop. It is a fast track course if you are willing to put in the work!" Madison G

"Beat Drop offered me a laid back environment without skimping on solid educational direction. Learning from the pros was of real value and I have gained the confidence to step up to the decks at house shows and, honestly, to not get so frustrated in my private practice. Thanks guys! What a great 6 weeks." Kendra S

"I wanted to learn how to play on turntables after playing on a controller. DJ 101 was perfect! C-Sik was an amazing instructor, patient and knowledgeable. Complicated concepts were explained in an easy way. Rick, Mark and Jarvis were all super encouraging and helpful, and this course has inspired me to keep playing. I will definitely be taking more courses! I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to DJ. I learned more in 12 hours than playing for two years." - Shauna S

"Beat Drop is a great place to come and learn all about mixing live and getting into the scene." Devon P

"I've come along way thanks to the djing classes at Beat Drop! Great teachers and great environment to learn in!" Dan F

“DJ 101 teaches you everything you need to know to start DJing in the quickest easiest way to understand possible. The teachers are so knowledgeable, chill and will help you every step of the way.  You’ll learn how to beatmatch, volume control, use EQ properly, set up your equipment and start mixing.  If you’re going to start DJing there is no better way that this course.  It would have taken me years to learn what it has taught me in six weeks.” -Zach

“Top notch instructors. Excellent conveyance of key concepts, great equipment and great class space.”-Kyle

“I loved this course – it was lots of fun and gave me a great beginning technical foundation.”-Kristin

“The DJ 101 Course perfectly introduced basic DJ Knowledge with lots of hands on time and simple explanations on everything.” -Jeremy

“DJ 101 was an awesome course.  I really enjoyed my time in DJ 101 because it was hands on and a fun environment I would recommend.” -Carter

“Perfect course for getting into DJing.  Learned all the basics that will allow me to continue advancing further along.”-Mark

“This class is great to take even if you know absolutely nothing about DJing.  You learn the basics of DJing and develop an understanding of how it works and sets you up for following pathways.” -Tashi

"This Course broke down the barriers and opened up my life to the world of DJing in a fun relaxed environment. I met some amazing new friends and I loved every minute of the course. It's an absolute must for anyone with an appreciation of the art and science of becoming a DJ" - Sammy

"Stop guessing and trying to catch up. The DJ 101 course is a great solid start in the right direction if you are serious about being a DJ." -Jon

"If you're a DJ that has been playing for 10 years like myself or even just starting ... This course is a must ... It will put your understanding of music on a whole new level." -Jimmy

"This course is great wether you are looking to make a career out of DJ'ing or if it is just a hobby for you. You gain a great amount of knowledge and understanding about DJ'ing." -John

"Great, course. Instructors made it a fun and enjoyable learning atmosphere with many different styles and types of DJ equipment.  Lots of hands on but still learnt all the fundamentals." -Roobs

"Dj 101 will give you the tools from start to finish. From learning any equipment to throughly answering your most difficult questions." -Jen

"DJ 101 is a great introduction for anybody who wants to learn how to DJ." - Gary

"Great intro to working with vinyl and learning the basics to DJing." - Ivan

"DJ 201 was a great expansion on DJ 101. After learning the basics, this course teaches all of the features of Serato, and shows you how to put them all together." Charles S

"DJ 201 shows you everything about the Serato program that you learnt the basics of in DJ 101, allowing you to put your fate in your own hands. Since you've been exposed to everything; it is a must if you've taken 101 and want to get to the next level quickly." - Zach

DJ 201 was totally worth it - if you've got the basics down this course shows you how to get the most out of your gear and put a decent set together. Lots of technical Skills." – Kristin

"If you want to learn how to DJ/mix with turntables along with extra cool DJ tricks and knowledge, this is the place." – Jeremy

"This is a great course for anyone looking to master the art of DJing. You learn the ins and outs from people who know exactly what they are doing." - Mark

"DJ 201 was an awesome learning experience and over all good time. Would recommend it to anyone interested in getting into the art of DJing." – Carter

"I thoroughly enjoyed DJ 201 at Beat Drop. The progression of skill building, the professionalism, support, and competency of the instructors helped me achieve a level of confidence much quicker than I anticipated." - Curt

"Rick & Kyle are great personalities and teach the art of DJing in a supportive and fun way. I would like to continue to work with Beat Drop." - Martin

"If you're too lazy to watch youtube and don't have the time to teach yourself, this is a really entertaining and hands on approach to learning how to DJ." - Mickey

"Beat Drop delivers a really great learning environment to learn how to DJ. It's really easy to learn because of the great instructors as well as the equipment." - Tashi

"This glass was great for building my knowledge on on chord progression, melodies, and percussion. I believe it has helped me in personal progress into production. The instructor is great and overall a great class." - Greyson E


“If you’re interested in building a holistic understanding of how music works, Beat Drop’s Music Fundamentals is great.  The teaching is passionate and covers a wide amount of information. -Jeremy

“Music Fundamentals is a fast way to learn basic music theory.” -Brian

“This course has helped me over come walls that have held me back and I feel excited about the future. Music Fundamentals has changed my perspective on music.” -Stephen

“Anyone who has the urge to learn music theory on a beginner level, so they can apply it to their production, this course is definitely for you.” -Mark

“Chris gets a 10 out of 10 for knowledge and energy for sure. Amazing skill and passion for what he teaches makes the course well worth taking and gave me tools to feel confident moving forward with my understanding, ease of writing and producing my own music.”-Scott

“To run you must walk, to be the next big thing you must know the fundamentals of music and this course will teach you to walk.” -Rodrigo

"Great course for anybody wanting to start up with music in general, Chris is a super smart guy that will teach you lots, enjoy!" - Reece A


"Synthesis here at Beat Drop was a very welcoming and informative experience. You step into a community of other producers and talk about and learn the very fundamental aspects of sound design." - John G

"SYNTHESIS is great! Brandon is knowledgeable and easy to talk to. He is excited about what he teaches, and that makes a difference. The material is complex but broken down into pieces that are less daunting to learn. Thanks Brandon!" - James H

"Synthesis has given me a better understanding about sounds in modern music and how they are made. Its opened my mind to a lot more creativity because I understand whats going on when i hear a sound in a particular song and has made it easier for me to recreate or create my own sounds." Sam S

"Brandon is an awesome teacher and someone who really knows the ins and outs of synthesizers and how particular sounds are made. I'm a self taught person and I came to Beat Drop to learn more advanced techniques and I did! =D" - Stephen D

"This class was great! Learned heaps about synthesis & sound design itself, even just learning your way around ableton, recommended for anyone starting out!" - Reece A

“Passionate and fitting teacher introducing the world of synthesis.” - Jeremy

"This class taught me a lot about synthesis. I now feel way more confident picking up any synth and messing around with it until i get my desired sound. I highly recommend this course to anyone that is looking into production of is already into producing their own music. Knowing how synthesizers work and being able to create the sounds you like its awesome!!!!" - Greyson E

“It’s a slippery slope down the rabbit hole but definitely worth it.” - Alex

“This course is perfect for anyone looking to learn the fundamentals of synthesis or sound design” -Mark

“If you are interested in creating your own personalized unique synthesized sounds this course is for you! I have a clear understanding of how to control a synth.” -Stephen



"The mixing and mastering course at Beat Drop is a great social and learning experience, in which you can learn about the ins and outs of ableton's factory plugins, what they do, and how to use them properly. It really allowed me to start expanding on my music, and allowed me to get the best sound I possibly could out of Ableton." - Aidan

"Let Timothy Allen blow your mind with his genius! If you take this class you are going to learn a lot!" - Dan F

"Mixing and mastering is crucial to an awesome mix. After taking this course I have already improved parts of my music to sound professional. I honestly would repeat this class just to keep things fresh, and to also get inspired. Tim is also an awesome teacher that makes it fun to learn. I very inspired to keep pursuing music after this class." - Mark C

""If you want to learn a holistic approach to mixing and start making your tracks sound better instantly, take this course!" - Luke S

"This course gives you the tools you need to polish your music so it sounds closer to studio quality."  - Juan V

"This class was great. I highly recommend it to anyone that is interested in production or is already producing and wants to make their music better. The instructor is great and full of knowledge. I feel it has really helped me with my production so I'm sure it will for you too!" - Greyson E

"Tim was awesome, not sure if i've ever met anyone in my life that knows as much about engineering music as he does. Learned lots and enjoyed coming to class every week!" - Reece A



"Music Business is a great course to push you in the right direction when it comes to networking, event planning and utilizing social media to expand your music. It's necessary for any developing producers or dj's looking to take the steps towards furthering and establishing yourself online and within the community." Shannon H

"Hey You! Are you about ready to get out of the basement and go somewhere with your music? I'm not going to lie to you, it's going to take some major work! But taking the Music Business course at Beat Drop will give you all the tools you need to promote yourself, make some connections in the industry and get in the game!" - Dan F

"One of the best classes at beat drop. I would recommend it to any Dj/Producer who wants to learn how to market themselves better." - Jackson G

"Great course. I gained a lot of insight into many aspects of the music industry that I would have never known if it weren't for this class. Being able to interview DJ's, artist managers and promoters was awesome." - Billy K

"This class was awesome. I have a much larger understanding and of what happens behind the scenes of the music industry. Everything rom getting a agent and making money to doing a full tour. Also, the guests Paul brings in are the best! Getting to talk to industry professional like this is priceless. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to turn there passion of music into something profitable or just have a better understanding about the music industry in general." - Jarvis C