Sound Design


Creating your own unique sound is extremely important today to make you stand out from all the "noise". Learn the tools and processes to create the sounds (synths, basses, drums, ambiences, hits, risers etc) that will give your music emotion, impact and set you apart from the masses. 

24 hours
12 classes (2 hours)
Instructor: Brandon Smith

Who is this course for?

  • Producers and DJ's looking to create unique and custom sounds.

  • Producers and DJ's looking to set themselves apart from other artists.

  • Producers and DJ's who want to develop the craft of sound manipulation and creation.

  • Producers and DJ's interested in sculpting their own drum kits, synths and sonic palette.

Upon finishing the class

Students will understand how to create unique drum kits, synth patches, sound fx and atmospheric sounds that they can use in their music, film, installation or visual performance projects.

Topics Include:

  • Synth manipulation and creation with NI's Massive FM8 and Serum

  • Recording and creating your own sample library with Ableton's Sampler

  • Creating Live Packs In Ableton Live

  • Field Recording Techniques and Workflow

  • Effects and Processing

  • Introduction to Max 4 Live

  • Creating emotion with your sound design

  • Integrating your library into your Ableton workflow