Ableton Push 64 Pad Sample Pack
by Beat Drop  

Download Size: 16 Mb
Installation Size: 24.3 Mb
Requirements: Ableton Live 9.2 or higher
Genre: Magic Realism
Price: FREE (all we ask is to be able to send you emails from time to time)

*A download link for the sample pack will be send to you by email (this may take a few minutes).  Make sure you check your junk mail folder.

64 bits of Bumpin'

Save the princess, gets the coins, throw a chicken, we're playing slappers only.  For this Ableton Sample Pack we drew on everyone's favourite 64 bit video game console.  Ten classic games were sampled to give your tunes a touch of nerdy nostalgia.  Our signal path was straight out of the console, into a Focusrite 6i6 interface and directly into Live.     

Each pad contains  Simpler to provide the ability to shape envelopes, control LFOs, control filters and alter playback mode.  Two return track were made within the Drum Rack to add space with reverb and delay.

Designed for the Push

The layout of the pack will map to 64 pad mode on the Push and we designed it for jamming and controlling.  These sounds aren't organized in any particular order but it will be a great tool for adding one shots and SFX to your tunes.