Music Fundamentals



Learn the building blocks of music - beats, melody and harmony for the modern day producer.

24 hours
12 classes (2 hours)
Instructor: Enoque Carrancho


Who is this course for?

  • Producers interested in understanding notes and scales

  • Producers interested in understanding rhythm and beat creation

  • Producers interested in understanding the keyboard

  • Producers interested in learning about melody and harmony

  • Producers interested in learning about emotion, tension and release

Upon finishing the class you will know

  • How to harmonize melodies

  • How to break down and interpret more complex harmonies

  • How to create harmonic interest through substitution

  • How to create rhythmic interest through variations

  • How to better manage an manipulate automation and effects in Ableton (Arpeggiators, for example.)

  • How to use different chord voicings to create various styles of music

  • Many classic chord changes, and how to alter them to create new ones

  • What makes different genres and styles of music sound the way they do

Topics Include:

  • Simplifying Complex Harmony and Rhythms

  • Intermediate Harmonic Theory

  • Voice Leading

  • Polyrhythms and Intermediate Rhythmic Analysis

  • The DNA of Music – Analysis and Creation of Influential Genres

  • Advice for Finding Great Samples

  • Keyboard Exercises

  • Ear Training