Grime Pack

Ableton Push 64 Pad Sample Pack
by Beat Drop  

Download Size: 282MB
Requirements: Ableton Live 9.2 or higher
Price: FREE 

Inspired by the sounds of East London created with analog love

For this Ableton Sample Pack we drew on a collection of classic and modern gear to recreate the grit synonymous with Grime. Drum sounds were sampled from the Roland's TR-8 and MC-505 and processed to perfection with the vintage Scully 280 Mic Preamp. For added texture on drum sounds were layered with Foley sounds recorded near Beat Drop HQ. Bass lines and lead sounds were crafted with the Korg Trident MkII and Serum. Vocals were recorded through Great River Electronics' MP-2NV Preamp. FX were made by resampling processed sounds recorded for the pack.

Each pad of the Grime Pack contains a Simpler that provides the ability to shape envelopes, control LFOs, control filters and alter playback mode.  Two return track were made within the Drum Rack to add space with reverb and delay.

Designed for the Push

The Push layout we have designed is for jamming and controlling. See image on the right. There are 4 quadrants. Drums, Bass, Leads and Vox/FX. The Drums quadrant has sampled drum hits and samples as well as 1 drum loop for beginners. The Bass quadrant contains 8 earth shaking loops (4 bars in length), and 8 1-shots for maximum playability. The Leads quadrant is made up of 8 distinct lead loops (4 bars in length) and 8 individual notes. The Vox/FX quadrant contains 2 vocal loops (4 bars in length), 7 vocal 1-shots and 7 FX 1-shots.

3 fun ways to use the Grime Pack 

*1 - Pad Drumming - The Stank Pack can be used as a live tool for finger drumming.  Make your own beats and musical phrases or trigger prerecorded drum and instrumental loops.

*2 - Step Sequence - Use the Push's build in step sequencing capabilities to build your own arrangements with the tools we provided in the pack.

3 - Session and Arrangement View - This is for all the non Push users who just own Ableton Standard or Suite. You can create at midi clips and trigger the samples by using the pen tool or arrow.

* Ableton Push Required.