EMP Courses

List of courses included in the Electronic Music Production Program


Semester 1

Ableton Live Core I - Learn to produce, create, arrange and mix in today's standard for music production.

Music Fundamentals - Learn the building blocks of music - beats, melody and harmony for the modern day producer.

Synthesis - Learn the fundamentals of creating the sounds you love with vintage and modern day hardware and software.

Electronic Music History - Explore the hardware and pioneers who created hundreds of genres of music that we all enjoy today.

Semester 2

Mixing & Mastering - Learn the tools of EQ, compression, panning, level balancing, and basics of mastering your tracks.

Sound Design - Learn to record, create and manipulate audio with modern tools and effects to create your own unique sound.

Ableton Live Core II - Go deeper into creating, arranging, producing and mixing your music.

Music Business - Today’s music industry is changing constantly and understanding the business side is key to making music a career.

Semester 3

Keyboard Fundamentals - Learn the basics of keyboard technique, chord voicing and scales.

Live Performance - Understand how Ableton Live works with hardware and live recording to create an engaging and authentic performance.

Solo / Group Project - Produce, Record and Mix a 2 track EP in world class studios.