DJ 101


DJ 101 is our introductory level DJ course where the main goal is to teach our students how to successfully perform one of the most fundamental skills in DJing: beat matching. The students will be introduced to their first basic setup of DJ gear: Roland DJ-202 controller along with an introductory look into the Serato DJ software.

12 hours
6 classes (2 hours) 
Instructor: DJ C-Sik

Who is this course for?

  • People who are interested in learning the fundamentals of DJing

  • People who are looking for an introductory look into Serato DJ

  • People who are passionate about music and want to learn to share it live with others

  • People looking to learn to beat match by ear

Topics Include:

  • How to perform the baby scratch

  • Understand the concepts of beat matching by ear

  • Know manual pitch bending techniques

  • Understand the concepts of beat matching by ear with the aid of Serato DJ

  • Know how to use EQ to help smooth out transitions

  • Understand basic music theory concepts including counting beats and bars

  • Understand song structure



“DJ 101 teaches you everything you need to know to start DJing in the quickest easiest way to understand possible. The teachers are so knowledgeable, chill and will help you every step of the way.  You’ll learn how to beatmatch, volume control, use EQ properly, set up your equipment and start mixing.  If you’re going to start DJing there is no better way that this course.  It would have taken me years to learn what it has taught me in six weeks.” -Zach

“Top notch instructors. Excellent conveyance of key concepts, great equipment and great class space.”-Kyle

“I loved this course – it was lots of fun and gave me a great beginning technical foundation.” -Kristin

“The DJ 101 Course perfectly introduced basic DJ Knowledge with lots of hands on time and simple explanations on everything.” -Jeremy