Beat Drop Repair Shop

We offer in house repair for synths, production & recording equipment, DJ Equipment. Please note, we currently do not fix consumer turntables or home audio equipment.

  • Diagnosis Fee - $65 ( This is a minimum fee which is generally charged per piece and includes up to the first hour of repair time & post repair testing )
  • Additional Hourly Repair Rate - $50 (This fee is added on top of the Diagnosis Fee and includes any extra post repair testing time )
  • Additional Fees - Any cost for parts that need to be ordered or any other additional costs related to repairs will be discussed before the parts are ordered or the fees are charged.

All repairs are done on Wednesdays. You will be notified when your equipment is ready for pick up.

Book your appointment below, please be specific as possible & include brand names and model numbers. You will receive an email or a phone call ASAP.

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