Music Fundamentals

winter SEMESTER BEGINS march 4 2018




Learn the building blocks of music - beats, melody and harmony for the modern day producer.
24 hours
12 classes (2 hours)
Location: Beat Drop Calgary
Instructor: Enoque Carrancho & Samantha Selci


Who is this course for?

  • Producers interested in understanding notes and scales

  • Producers interested in understanding rhythm and beat creation

  • Producers interested in understanding the keyboard

  • Producers interested in learning about melody and harmony

  • Producers interested in learning about emotion, tension and release

What you will need

  • Headphones and a notepad.

  • We have iMacs with midi controllers, loaded with Ableton 9 Suite provided for you.

  • You can purchase LIve 9 Suite through us at Educational pricing. HERE.

  • Prior musical experience or knowledge of Live is not required.

Upon finishing the class you will know

  • How to harmonize melodies

  • How to break down and interpret more complex harmonies

  • How to create harmonic interest through substitution

  • How to create rhythmic interest through variations

  • How to better manage an manipulate automation and effects in Ableton (Arpeggiators, for example.)

  • How to use different chord voicings to create various styles of music

  • Many classic chord changes, and how to alter them to create new ones

  • What makes different genres and styles of music sound the way they do

Topics Include:

  • Simplifying Complex Harmony and Rhythms

  • Intermediate Harmonic Theory

  • Voice Leading

  • Polyrhythms and Intermediate Rhythmic Analysis

  • The DNA of Music – Analysis and Creation of Influential Genres

  • Advice for Finding Great Samples

  • Keyboard Exercises

  • Ear Training


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“If you’re interested in building a holistic understanding of how music works, Beat Drop’s Music Fundamentals is great.  The teaching is passionate and covers a wide amount of information. -Jeremy

“This course has helped me over come walls that have held me back and I feel excited about the future. Music Fundamentals has changed my perspective on music.” -Stephen

“Chris gets a 10 out of 10 for knowledge and energy for sure. Amazing skill and passion for what he teaches makes the course well worth taking and gave me tools to feel confident moving forward with my understanding, ease of writing and producing my own music.”-Scott

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