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winter SEMESTER BEGINS march 4 2018



In today's music industry you must be a fully fledged entrepreneur, who wears multiple hats. Developed for the modern day producer, DJ and artist. Learn what actually works to supply, sell and distribute your music and create multiple streams of income in this ever changing industry.

24 hours
12 classes (2 hours)
Location: Beat Drop Calgary
Instructor: Krystle Brieger (Kloves)

Who is this course for?

  • Artists wondering how money is actually made with music in today's world.

  • Artists looking to develop a business plan to create income streams that will work for them.

  • Artists looking to gain an understanding on how social media and the internet can further their career.

  • Artists who desire to grow as entrepreneurs and take hold of their future as producers, artists and performers.

What you will need

  • Headphones and a notepad.

  • We have iMacs with midi controllers, loaded with Ableton 9 Suite

  • You can purchase Live 9 Suite through us at Educational pricing. HERE.

  • Prior musical experience or knowledge of Live is not required.

Upon finishing the class

Students will have a solid foundation of what it takes to actually make money and create streams of income in this ever changing industry. How to create a following and use the tools properly that are available to artists and what to do to monetize their brand and following. We will also look into other business models that have cropped up in the last 5 years and look at entrepreneurs who are paying bills, creating income and even making a career in this changing industry.

Topics Include:

  • In depth and advanced Soundcloud strategy and usage.

  • Youtube strategies and creating a powerful channel.

  • Music Publishing, Royalties and Copyright. What you actually need to know.

  • Marketing Strategies for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

  • Creating your own label. Is it for you?

  • Promoting, Creating and Branding your own Party.

  • Brand Creation, Design and Managing the monster you've created.

  • Stock Music, Music Libraries and Music Placement.

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