Mixing and Mastering 

winter SEMESTER BEGINS march 4 2018



Learn the fundamental tools of  EQ, compression, panning, level balancing, reverb and special effects so that your electronic music will sound like a commercial release.  

24 hours
12 classes (2 hours)
Location: Beat Drop Calgary
Instructor: Timothy Allan

Who is this course for?

  • Producers looking to make their tracks sound like label releases.

  • Producers looking to understand key sculpting tools like EQ, Compression and Reverb.

  • Producers who are interested in learning the basics of Mastering and how to make their songs sound loud but still retain dynamics.

  • Producers who desire to learn how to use professional mixing plugins and understand workflow and process.

What you will need

  • Headphones and a notepad.

  • iMacs with midi controllers, loaded with Ableton 9 Suite, and Izotope plugins provided

  • You can purchase Live 9 Suite through us at Educational pricing. HERE.

Upon finishing the class

Students will learn the key fundamental tools to mix in Ableton Live, while gaining the skills and knowledge needed to conquer the final phase of the music production process using Izotope plugins and Ableton Live.  You will learn how to achieve a professional sound that will work in the club, in your cars and on your mobile devices.

Topics Include:

  • Equalization and Frequencies

  • Dynamics and Compression

  • Effects and the Stereo Field

  • Reverb and space

  • Distortion and Saturation

  • Metering and Referencing

  • Output and Codecs


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