Electronic music history

fall SEMESTER BEGINS sept 3 2018



Develop your critical listening skills as you follow the path of electronic music; the pioneers and the technology that helped transform and create what we call electronic music today.

12 hours
6 classes (2 hours)
Instructor: Scott Fuhrmann

Who is this course for?

  • Producers and DJ's wanting a deeper understanding of the roots and origins of today's electronic music. 
  • Part of the Producer Master's Certificate

Upon finishing the class you will know

  • The history and evolution of electronic music
  • Identify the key characteristics of various genres of electronic music
  • The key producers and pioneers who influenced and birthed genres
  • The technology that helped change and give inspiration to artists

Topics Include:

  • Dub / dancehall
  • House, techno and trance
  • Dubstep / drum and bass
  • Hip hop
  • Downtempo / ambient
  • Technology and Hardware innovations and milestones

Final Project:

Create a "mixtape" featuring songs from each style discussed and short essay (400 - 800 words) why they are important to you.
Bonus: Create your mixtape on an actual cassette and include artwork

What you will need

  • Headphones and a notepad.
  • We have iMacs with midi controllers, loaded with Ableton 9 Suite provided for you.
  • You can purchase LIve 9 Suite through us at Educational pricing. HERE. 
  • Prior musical experience or knowledge of Live is not required.

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Electronic Music History
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"Its great to see the cycles of popular music in history, it enables you to predict what will come back in style in the future."-Ben

"I would certainly recommend this course to somebody who is interested in the very roots of electronic instruments and music and how it changed the music world."-Kurt

"History is a big part of music and if you're gonna get into music you should know its background"-Jake

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