DJ 201



In DJ 201, our main goal is to have our students become 100% proficient with all the intermediate features in Serato DJ  (still using the 2 turntables + 1 DJ Mixer setup as previously used in DJ 101). The students will also be introduced into new mixing concepts that build on the fundamentals of beat matching including tempo changes, adding effects to your mixes and using Serato DJ loops.

12 hours
6 classes (2 hours) 
Instructor: DJ C-Sik
Date: Tuesdays | Sept 4 - Oct 9 2018 | 8:15 PM - 10:15 PM
         Tuesdays | Oct 16 - Nov 20 2018 | 8:15 PM - 10:15 PM

Who is this course for?

  • Intermediate DJ students who have completed our 101 course.

What you will need

  • Headphones and a notepad.
  • DJ Workstations which iMacs loaded with Serato DJ, Serato hardware, Direct Drive Turntables and Mixer are provided for each student.


Topics Include:

  • Absolute vs. Relative vs. Internal Mode (as well as switching to “emergency internal” mode)
  • All left and right deck controls
  • Cuepoints
  • Setting manual and auto loops
  • Using the SP6 sample player
  • Using Internal DJ FX
  • Smart Crates
  • Changing Deck Views and Crate Views
  • An introduction to MIDI mapping
  • Using the history folder to export your playlists
  • How to customize the software features to your preference
  • Learn different techniques to transition 2 songs together including cutting/dropping, mixing different genres as well as dealing with tempo changes
  • Know how to use mixer effects as well as Serato’s internal effects to add flavour to their mixes
  • Learn how to use the “instant doubles” feature and mix with one turntable
  • Learn how to use the prepare folder to keep you better prepared during a set

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"This Course broke down the barriers and opened up my life to the world of DJing in a fun relaxed environment. I met some amazing new friends and I loved every minute of the course. It's an absolute must for anyone with an appreciation of the art and science of becoming a DJ" - Sammy (DJ 101 Student)

"Stop guessing and trying to catch up. The DJ 101 course is a great solid start in the right direction if you are serious about being a DJ." Jon - (DJ 101 Student)

"If you're a DJ that has been playing for 10 years like myself or even just starting ... This course is a must ... It will put your understanding of music on a whole new level." Jimmy (DJ 101 Student) 

"This course is great wether you are looking to make a career out of DJ'ing or if it is just a hobby for you. You gain a great amount of knowleadge and undestanding about DJ'ing." John (DJ 101 Student)

"Great, course. Instructors made it a fun and enjoyable learning atmosphere with many different styles and types of djing equipment. . Lots of hands on but still learnt all the fundamentals." Roobs (DJ 101 Student)

"Dj 101 will give you the tools from start to finish. From learning any equipment to throughly answering your most difficult questions." Jen (DJ 101 Student)

** Please note there will be absolutely no refunds after the first class has taken place.

** You may be offered a credit if you cancel your registration within 2 weeks before the first class takes place.

*** If you miss a class you may book a private lessson with the instructor (private lesson fee applies)