The Banff Centre - Convergence Residency: Electronic Music + Visual Art

Our good friends at The Banff Centre are offering a new residency for electronic musicians and visual artists.  The program will operate under the artistic direction of Patti Schmidt and Jen Mizuik and will be led by The Banff Centre faculty Robin Fox and Uwe Schmidt.  Residents will attend workshops on modular synthesizers, electronic music software and hardware, visual creation software and methods, artistic process and philosophy and the nature of live performance in these technologically dominated fields.  Artists, peers and world-renowned faculty will exchange knowledge, discuss ideas, experiment with precesses, create, collaborate, perform and share artistic experiences.  

Artists will get a chance to present their works-in-progress throughout the program and can be presented in a range of formats.  Artists will receive technical and artistic guidance during the development of their projects and research.  A personal studio space will be available for all residents 24 hours a day.  There are additional opportunities for one of more projects to be identified for future commissioning support by The Banff Centre and MUTEK.

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to hone your craft.  The program runs from March 07 to March 25, 2016.  Application deadline is December 2, 2015.

For more information and to register go to the The Banff Centre's website.