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FREE Live Pack from Noah Pred

The announcement of Elektron's new drum sequencing, multi functioning rhythm in a box ... the Elektron Analog Rytmhas swept the nation, tantalizing the gear heads hopes and dreams. Elektron has made waves with their units over the years, Machinedrum being one of it's amazing productions. A widely used drum machine/sequencer with eon's of potential. Over on the Ask Audio site, Canadian (now living in Berlin) producer Noah Pred has put together a weighty pack of samples grabbed off of a Machindrum, and it's up for grabs .... FOR FREE!!! (after you register on their site) We highly recommend you head on over, even if just for a listen, these are great sounds and samples to add to your collection. 

See the article and get the files >>> HERE

tiny bit more about Noah Pred; he's a great producer with a few sneaky monikers. Ableton recognizes this fellow as a Certified Ableton instructor and developer. Currently living in Berlin, the techno mecca of the globe, but still completely supporting and carrying Canada forward in the movement. Enormously proud to tote this guy as a successful Canadian doing this thing and honing his craft! Check out his productions at the links below and do yourself a favour and have a poke through his label's back catalogue, great stuff! 

Noah Pred Soundcloud

Thoughtless Music

The Artist Series - Vol 2 - Michael Red


Last week we sat down with one of the West Coast's finest bass music and underground dance music contributors. Michael Red is a highly respected producer / remixer / DJ / label owner / event organizer / teacher / etc. etc. etc.... I think you get the point, this guy is knee deep in the world he's so very passion about, MUSIC! He was in Calgary recently (representing the LIGHTA! crew & Low Indigo) with the family from TheRinseOut playing a gig at their weekly Bass Music Celebration 'Northern Lights' . His production workshop was rather well received, discussing some of the more hidden gems of a music producer's mind; keeping organized, making lists, FINISHING music, were just some of the topics. You can trust when I say, people were surely taking notes!

Now, if you didn't happen to make it down to the workshop, Michael has left us with a folder JAM PACKED full of audio knowledge and studio wizardry. These are not 100% created by the man himself, but very much so a 'collection of documents quite often referred to'... There is a serious wealth of knowledge in there, from frequencies charts to really great 3D representations of example mixdowns (WHOW!) 

For more info on Michael Red check out the following links:

Soundcloud - Facebook - Low Indigo - YouTube

To Download the folder of Audio Documents click: HERE !!