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The Artist Series - Vol 2 - Michael Red


Last week we sat down with one of the West Coast's finest bass music and underground dance music contributors. Michael Red is a highly respected producer / remixer / DJ / label owner / event organizer / teacher / etc. etc. etc.... I think you get the point, this guy is knee deep in the world he's so very passion about, MUSIC! He was in Calgary recently (representing the LIGHTA! crew & Low Indigo) with the family from TheRinseOut playing a gig at their weekly Bass Music Celebration 'Northern Lights' . His production workshop was rather well received, discussing some of the more hidden gems of a music producer's mind; keeping organized, making lists, FINISHING music, were just some of the topics. You can trust when I say, people were surely taking notes!

Now, if you didn't happen to make it down to the workshop, Michael has left us with a folder JAM PACKED full of audio knowledge and studio wizardry. These are not 100% created by the man himself, but very much so a 'collection of documents quite often referred to'... There is a serious wealth of knowledge in there, from frequencies charts to really great 3D representations of example mixdowns (WHOW!) 

For more info on Michael Red check out the following links:

Soundcloud - Facebook - Low Indigo - YouTube

To Download the folder of Audio Documents click: HERE !!