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How Ableton's Hotswap Function Can Fix Your Mix

Have you ever been working on your mix and a certain element just won't fit?  Despite your best efforts, with gain staging, EQ, compression, phase-correction, or other effects, a certain sound falls out of the mix.  What's the best course of action when all else fails?  The answer is simple, change the element(s) that is/are causing the problem.  One cleaver function in Ableton makes changing a given sound for another almost painless, "Hotswap."

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Five Ways to Stay Organized in Ableton Live

While making a tune have you ever lost track of what you're doing, where you've been or where you're going?  In an age of digital music production this is an all too common problem faced by producers.  The incredible strength of DAWs like Ableton is they present an infinite number of tools and avenues for producers to explore.  The irony of the situation is that all these possibilities have the potential to hijack your workflow and send you down blind alleys.  In this article we'll look at five ways you can speed your workflow, avoid detours and ultimately finish tunes.

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Default Channel Strips

When I make songs I almost use all the same insert effects on every track. The settings will be different depending on the nature of the sounds but I tend to use the same key effects.  In order to save time while loading up the same effects I saved a default Channel Strip as an Effect Rack and mapped the macros of features I use regularly.  My default Channel Strip consists of a Utility, an EQ Eight, a Glue Compressor and a Limiter.

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