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Early Bird Pricing On All Courses Starting Fall 2016

Beat Drop is offering early bird pricing for students registering in courses starting in the Fall 2016 (September) Semester. Early bird pricing is valid for courses online and at our Calgary location. All DJ and producer certificate programs and courses are eligible.  Early bird pricing ends July 11th 2016 so act fast!

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History of the Sampler Part 1: The Pre-Digital Age

Nowadays the sampler is just another tool in the arsenals of the musicians, producers, and DJs.  Although popular music created in part (or entirely) with samplers is a relatively new, the idea of using snippets of sound to create new music has been around for a very long time.  Since the 1920s, composers have toyed with the idea of composing music just for being played on phonographs. At that time, audio recording technology had been around a few decades and some composers were starting to wonder what else could be done with the new technology.

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Deactivate Don't Delete anD Dub Philosophy

Jamaica’s studio-spiked rhythm music called Dub changed modern recording and production more than most styles of music.  Dub was the first style of music that made the producer a technical engineer, composer and artist. While the lead vocals or other melodic elements took centre stage in a typical reggae mix, Dub stripped everything back leaving the drums and bass as focal points in the tune. Bass heavy rhythm tracks were accentuated with modulated stabs of guitars, vocals and organs in a wash of spring reverb and tape echo.

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