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How Professional Producers use the Secret Functions of Racks

Ever listen to a track and been floored by the thick, rich tones of the synths?  My guess is yes and if so you've probably stopped and wondered, how do they make these incredible sounds?  You may already know the answer or at least part of it, layering sounds is a hallmark of electronic music.  To make interesting dynamic synth sounds producers layer synths.  In Ableton, the easiest way to layer synths is with Instrument Racks.

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Record the Arpeggiator

Arpeggiator is one of the MIDI Effects found in Live. Arpeggiator works by taking MIDI input from either a held chord or held note and plays the notes or note back in a rhythmic pattern of your choosing. Often a player will trigger a chord on their MIDI device and when Arpeggiator is enabled the chord will be output as individual notes playing at a set frequency (an arpeggio) rather than being heard in unison (a chord).

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