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What You Need to Know About Processing Bass

Few things are as satisfying or as exciting as loud bass.  Earth shaking bass is a cornerstone of modern dance music and hip hop.  If you want your tunes to measure up to professional releases you need to take care of the low end.  Thankfully a powerful low end can be achieved without too much work.  In this article we will run you through some of the ways the pros get their basses round, heavy and tight.

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How to Create Fake Sends with Audio Effect Racks in Ableton

Maybe you use return tracks, maybe you don't.  In the mixing environment of a DAW sends and returns can seem anachronistic.  Nonetheless there are great reasons to use return tracks.  In this article we will talk about how you can use return tracks to improve your mix and when it may be better to use a different method of processing. 

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