Summer Gear Giveaway

We are giving away a crazy producer bundle for all students who register for our 2014 Fall Master's Producer Certificate from now (July 29 2014) until August 31 2014. This pack is over $1000 worth of gear and includes essential pieces of kit that will kick start your education and enable you to grow as an artist.

KRK Rockit 5's - Incredible nearfield studio monitors that will help you hear the frequencies and sounds you need to. These monitors are flat and will not hype highs and lows like consumer grade speakers. Proper monitors are essential to mixing and sculpting your music.

Novation Launchkey 49 - This midi controller is jam packed with faders, encoders and pads that integrate automatically with Ableton Live (the DAW that we will be teaching in our Certificate programs). No need to map or get bogged down with manuals. These integrate like no other midi controller we've used, into Ableton Live. Includes a mod and pitch wheel for further manipulation as well as 49 keys to let you play up to 4 octaves at one time. 

Audio Technica ATH M-50x headphones - These are industry standard when it comes to headphones and studio monitoring. In our opinion the best headphones you can get for producing that are under $500. That's why we included them in this package. Beautifully redesigned with a detachable cable, the M50x's frequency response is crazy. 15Hz - 28000Hz. Perfect for creating electronic and bass genre'd music.

Focusrite 2i2 interface - An audio interface gives you many advantages. Not only does it give you input and output options (like plugging in a microphone, recording/sampling from an external device like a turntable, going out to studio monitors), it provides a better quality of analog to digital and digital to analog conversion. This will make your digital files (iTunes, playback) sound better through your speakers as they need to be converted to analog and laptop/desktop sound cards typically do a poor job of this. An essential part of your studio setup.


Mitch Lee