Push 2 - Sampling Workflow

Ableton Certified Trainer and course developer at Beat Drop Mitch Lee shows off Ableton's Push 2 and Live 9.5 in a new workflow video. The new sampling features and colour screen make this update a big one. By digging deep Mitch Lee shows there is more going on under the hood of Push 2 than is revealed at first glance. Sampling with Glide Mode and the Thru Playback feature are truly unique way of working. The new slicing modes built into Simpler now allow you the ability to warp/time stretch in an intuitive and creative manner.  This video walks through all 3 of these techniques and shows off some of the other new features along the way.

Beat Drop offers a six week online course for Push users that will help new users get more out of their Push and help bring experienced users to the next level.  For more information click here.