When you amplify your songs at a club level you can often be frustrated with the results. Understand how you can get your tracks sounding great across multiple systems. You will get Ableton Channel strips and course notes to keep in your arsenal for future use. 

Club sound systems are extremely powerful and often times your home mixed tracks just don't quite add up when played on one. There are a few key fundamentals to think about when mixing your tunes for output on a club sound system. We'll be going over a mixing check list and grasping onto a few of these important fundamentals. 

Topics covered:

  • levels and gain structure
  • Stereo space / sound stage
  • Stereo vs. Mono 
  • Channel Strips
  • Pre Master & Master Treatment

Who it’s for? :

  •  Beginner & Novice Producers


  • $75 credit  towards any DJ or Production certificate
  • $20 shop gift card towards any Focusrite audio interface

Teacher Info:

Sandro Petrillo aka Mr Geography aka Sergio Levels is a staple in the Calgary Bass Music scene and resident at the HiFi club. Host of Modern Math, Northern Lights, Shapes to name a few. Sandro is a major influence in Calgary's techno scene and has a number of releases on Canadian labels and has a passion for Ableton and teaching next level ninja tricks.

This Powerup is available on the following two dates:
May 8 -  7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
June 7 - 2:00 pm - 4:30 pm


Sandro Petrillo