After a busy month that included moving to a new location, purchasing a load of shiny new equipment, and launching the Essential Certificates, Beat Drop has made it through September and is preparing for the next session of classes.

A Music Playgroud

In the early days of our school, Beat Drop’s classes were held in SAIT’s campus bar, the Gateway. Though that location had its advantages, we knew we had to find a new facility to support our growth and future plans. Atop the Boston Pizza on 17th Ave, Beat Drop has found a new home that we can't wait to show off. You wouldn’t know by looking at the good ol' BP's building, but if you head to the westside (directly next to the parking lot) the circular Beat Drop logo greets you, and up a set of stairs is a music playground.

Your Musical Arsenal

Computer Hardware
  • new iMacs for all students
Producer Equipment
  • Ableton Live 9
  • Novation LaunchKey 49
DJ Setup
  • Serato Scratch Live
  • Allen & Heath Mixer
  • Two Stanton Turntables

When setting out to learn something like DJing or music production, you may find yourself spend hours watching YouTube videos, staring at gear you wish you had, while making do with what you've got. When you walk into Beat Drop’s classroom, you are welcomed by equipment that has been chosen as an appropriate starting point. Truth be told, when you are learning a new skill you should be working on equipment that is industry-standard - not hand-me-downs or Kijiji scores, but the right arsenal to begin a mission - and Beat Drop aims to deliver this experience to each of our students.

The Path: New Essentials Certificates

While building our classes, Beat Drop decided it was time to start connecting them together so that music enthusiasts have a map to follow (not to mention a few hundred dollars worth of savings). These courses are the core, the foundation, the essentials, if you will. The DJ Essentials Certificate includes DJ 101 & DJ 201, and the Producer Essentials Certificate includes Music Fundamentals I, Synthesis I & Ableton Core I. Both programs successfully launched in September.

You’re Invited

Are you considering diving into the world of music production and/or DJing? Instead of watching another YouTube tutorial, oogling gear in another magazine, or listening to your favourite producer or DJ and thinking "I wish I could do this" - it’s time to get started. We would love to be a part of your journey, so in the next month we invite you to read up on our courses, send us an email if you have any questions or even drop by our new facility to check it out. By the time our next session starts in November, we hope you'll have all the information you need to make Beat Drop the first step in your new and exciting musical journey.

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Mitch Lee