Live Online Synthesis Workshop with Brandon Smith

DATE: JUL 26, 2016 12:00 PM MDT



Do you struggle to make thick, evolving bass lines like those made by producers like Noisia? You're not alone. Scores of producers create simple, generic bass lines that sound thin and don't hold the interest of their listeners. In modern dance music heavy, aggressive bass lines dominate the mix and shake the earth. Sadly bass sounds that don’t live up to today’s standard can hurt your music and cost you fans. Fortunately there’s an answer. Modern software synthesizers like Native Instruments’ Massive offer amazing modulation capabilities and can be used to make incredible bass lines. Pair the synthesis power of Massive with Ableton Live’s resampling workflow and the results can be astounding.

Decode the secrets of great bass sound design and join Beat Drop Synthesis Instructor Brandon Smith tomorrow July 26th at 12pm MDT (2pm EST) for a Live Online Synthesis Workshop. Brandon will walk you through the steps involved in making a Neuro Style bass in NI’s Massive. Next he’ll show you how to take advantage of Ableton’s resampling capabilities to add more variation, more movement and more texture to your bass.

If you want to harness the power of Massive and Ableton so you can make thick, evolving bass that holds your audience’s interest, register for our Live Online Synthesis Workshop with Brandon Smith. Even if you don’t make Neuro style music don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn these professional synthesis techniques. Space is extremely limited and we expect this workshop to fill up. Register as soon as possible to reserve your spot in this free workshop.