littleBits now at Beat Drop

"...Its like lego meets synth jams."

littleBits and Korg have demystified a traditional analog synthesizer, making it super easy for novices and experts alike to create music. 

We are excited to announce that Beat Drop is now selling Korg's littleBits (along with other littleBits kits). These little kits will provide you with hours of fun while you make music and learn about how synthesis works. We use these kits with our students in our courses, summer camps and corporate team building experiences. 


For the first time, the littleBits SYNTH KIT enabled curious hobbyists and musicians to easily explore the iconic synthesizer instrument; allowing them to build their own sound machines (with signal generators, modifiers, modulators and controllers) and put on their own performances - all with little to no engineering or musical knowledge. Check out all the user made synths.