Feedback Synth in Ableton Live

Recently on the Ableton Blog we found a post containing a tutorial on how to create a 'Feedback Synth' using Ableton Live as a host. Analog junkies this one's for you! I know I know, we're using ableton, how can this satisfy the hunger of an analog loving enthusiast !?!?! Well, it's really quite interesting how this device works and with the routing you can really create and find many of the sounds created using modular synthesizers in more of an outboard scenario. One word of caution is to be VERY CAREFUL of your ears, any sort of 'feedback' related process can lead to devastatingly loud peaks in volume... and it can get there VERY quickly!  

That being said, this can be a very fun and creative way of making a bunch of new sounds for your kit. Whether you use this as a live customizable tool, or simply jam out,  record the audio and use the parts for future projects, we're sure you're going to have fun and learn something new! 

If you'd like you can download the Ableton Project if you're having trouble following along or just want to grab it and edit to your preference. Head on over to the post - the link is listed within. 

Ableton: Make a Feedback Synth Using Live's Effects