DJ School adds Certificate Programs

We are pretty excited to add 2 new certificate programs to our DJ curriculum. The Essentials Certificate and the Professional Certificate. 

The DJ school focuses on old school fundamentals while embracing new school technology. We teach beat matching with turntables while at the same time teaching software like Serato and Traktor. If you never properly learn to beat match you cutting yourself short and will never be able to fully take advantage of modern day technology. Head DJ School Instructor DJ C-Sik (3 time Calgary DMC Champ) explains that if you learn to beat match and play out on 2 turntables and a mixer you will have no problem transitioning to other mediums like CDJ’s or Controllers.

Wether you are a newbie or a bedroom DJ these two different paths will get you going and enable you to make a choice between hobbyist and professional. Beat Drop is a music production and dj school in Calgary AB Canada and is an Ableton Certified Training Center.


Mitch LeeDJ School