Beat Drop Spotlight: Timothy Allan


We sat down recently with Timothy Allan Ableton Core II and Mixing and Mastering Instructor at Beat Drop.  Tim is an accomplished music producer and mix engineer.  If you need mastering done he's your guy check out his mastering studio The Mixplant.  We asked him a bunch of questions.  Here are his answers:

BD: Tell us about yourself.  Where are you from?  Where do you call home?

TA: I’m a bit of a tech nerd who tends to always be playing with something that’s powered by electricity. I was made in BC originally, then hung out in Calgary for a few years, and then lived in Australia for 12 years! I’m back in Canadia now trying to figure out where to go next.

BD: What rules do you try to live your life by?

TA: I tend to only work at jobs if the work seems like play to me… which is a double edged sword because I end up wanting to work all day! Oh, and try to be nice to everyone. 

BD: What are your values?

TA: I guess the nutshell version is don’t be an a-hole. Nobody likes an a-hole.

BD: Describe a highlight of your musical career?

TA: There was a few years where I’d wake up at least once a week and see my name on various top 20 charts all over the world. And when a magazine published that Madonna had a track of mine on her workout playlist, that was pretty surreal.

BD: What was your biggest musical failure?

TA: I headlined a packed gig, playing on CDJ’s for the first time after coming from Ableton sets, and train wrecked what seemed like half a dozen times. 

BD: What do you fear most professionally?

TA: Maybe nothing? I’ve never felt I was in fear of anything professionally, maybe because I’ve always felt it’s not a competition. 

BD: What other projects are you involved in outside of Beat Drop?

TA: Lots of stuff! I’ve been running a mastering house called The Mixplant since 2010, I’m developing Virtual Reality software and some other web based side projects, plus raising a little girl that popped out a few years ago.

BD: Can you share a music production or DJing tip?

TA: DJ’ing, no! ha! The best production tip I can give is to A/B your changes at the same volume. Humans -always- think louder is better, so if you make a change to your sound, and that changes makes it just a smidge louder, you’ll assume it’s better. Turn down the changed sound to match the sound of the original, and you might be surprised.

BD: What drives you to pursue your passion?

TA: It’s fun for me!

BD: Share with us a personal Beat Drop story?

TA: I get SMS’s on my laptop that pop up onscreen. I was teaching my first or second class at Beat Drop and had forgot to turn it off. My wife sent me a message that just said “How’s my little wiener doing?”, which is actually the nickname we have for our daughter. It popped up on both projector screens in front of the class… I froze wondering if I should explain it, but I just quickly closed the message box and never spoke of it again.

BD: Favourite/least favourite Food?

TA: I do like a good burger, and I’d have to say that my least favourite food is currently olives. Ewwwww.

Someone offering Tim an olive.

Someone offering Tim an olive.

BD: Do you read in the bathroom?

TA: I’ve been known to toilet Reddit every now and then.

BD: Who are you listening on high rotation?

IMG_9699 copy.jpg

TA: Hate to say it, but nobody really. If my speakers are on, it’s because I’m doing work on them, either mastering for someone else, or working on my own stuff. Gone are the days of having the time to listen to music casually ;)

BD: Favourite part of working at Beat Drop?

TA: Being able to see the handsome Dan at the front desk each time I walk in the door is by far the best part of working at Beat Drop. That, and the fact that everyone that’s ever in there is just so nice and easy going.

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