Beat Drop Spotlight: Krystle B

Few people have been a part of the Beat Drop community as long as Kloves (or NJVK).  This talented Calgary based producer is well known in western Canada as a purveyor of exquisite four to the floor beats and has experience rocking clubs and destroying dance floors on the festival circuit.  This rising young star of the Calgary scene is one to watch.  Kloves began her time at Beat Drop as student of our Music Production Certificate Program.  Since she graduated Kloves has been a TA at Beat Drop helping instruct Ableton Core I and Music Fundamentals.  Here's her story:

BD: Tell us about yourself.  Where are you from?  Where do you call home?

KB: My name is Krystle B. I'm a Techno Producer/DJ & Live Performer (Live sets). I've been producing music for the past 11 years and using Ableton for the past 8 years. I currently produce and perform music under two aliases - Kloves and NJVK. Kloves is currently more active but NJVK has some pretty big projects underway that I'm really excited for. I'm from Calgary, Alberta and I call it my home! 

BD: What rules do you try to live your life by?

KB: When I'm put into a situation where I need to take a chance on something... I usually tell myself that you won't lose anything and the worst someone can say to you is "No". It's always good to take a chance on something you are nervous about because you never know what could happen! 

BD: What are your values?

KB: I definitely value music and my family. Music is something I've been doing most of my life and it keeps me sane. It's really who I am. And if it weren't for the support I receive from my family and fiancé, I would not have gotten this far. My fiancé constantly pushes me to keep working on music especially at times where I feel unmotivated. I'm so thankful for that. She also doesn't get angry at me for spending money on new gear haha. She knows it'll help me get further. I really value that!

BD: Describe a highlight of your musical career?

KB: To date, the biggest highlight of my musical career is the development of my new project NJVK. It's a project that is exclusive to Anemone Recordings which is a label based out of Barcelona. Some pretty big Techno names have released with Anemone so I'm pretty excited to be releasing with them this year and seeing where it will take me!

BD: What was your biggest musical failure?

KB: It was one of the first times I've played in a club. I was already to mix into the previous DJ, everything was going well but suddenly all sound cut out. The club was silent and I literally panicked. Some other DJs came up and were helping me figure out what the issue was while someone else was playing tunes to keep the vibe going. Once I was able to get the sound running again,  it cut out 5 minutes later! I ended up not playing my set that night. I was using Ableton and I wasn't sure exactly what the issue was. Everything had worked perfectly fine up until my set time - it may have been a bug at the time that has since been fixed. I was pretty upset and embarrassed but technology fails sometimes and it can happen to anyone. You just never know.

BD: What do you fear most professionally?

KB: I'm sometimes scared of losing my hearing. That's the single most important thing you need when it comes to music. So to lose that one day is pretty frightening, especially if music is your career or is a career you are pursuing. I have custom made ear plugs that I wear quite often in clubs. They are life savers.

BD: What other projects are you involved in outside of Beat Drop?

KB: Outside of Beat Drop, I pretty much just have two projects on the go, Kloves and NJVK. They are my babies. Kloves is my main project. I perform under that name more often and release on any label I love and support. NJVK is brand new. As mentioned earlier, this name (and any music released under this name) will be exclusive to Anemone Recordings. I love this label to death and I believe they will me take to bigger places. They release a lot of weird dark Techno which is totally up my alley.

BD: Can you share a music production or DJing tip?

KB: Always back up your work then back up your back up! You never know when your computer will call it quits and it's extremely heartbreaking to lose your work. Also, you don't need the top of the line plugins or gear to make music. Start basic and master the plugins/DAW/devices you use now before investing in something new. The worst is to have too many options of plugins/sounds etc. to go through when you're making music. When you have a creative flow happening, time is precious.

BD: What drives you to pursue your passion?

KB: For music production, to have the ability to release music worldwide. Anyone around the world can listen to your music and love it. It's a crazy feeling knowing that someone on the other side of the globe could love one of your tracks without actually physically meeting them.

For DJing it would be the adrenaline and energy you feel when performing. Playing the right track at the right time of the night can really trigger some crazy energy in the crowd and you can totally feel it. It's an a crazy feeling!

BD: Share with us a personal Beat Drop story?

KB: Well Beat Drop has been pretty supportive of me since the beginning. I started out taking the Ableton Live Core 1 course years ago when they were just teaching classes at SAIT. So I'm pretty old school. I'm self-taught with Ableton and just wanted to learn everything I had missed reading books or teaching myself. I would always talk with the instructors there and keep in touch with other people at the school. One day they had some openings for a Teaching Assistant position and I thought "Hey... I'm pretty comfortable with Ableton so why not?". I put together my resume and beefed it up. I even wrote a wicked cover letter because I wanted the position so bad. I ended up getting the spot and it's probably one of the favourite things I do during the week. I love being around like-minded producers/DJs and talking about all things music. It's a great environment to be involved in. I actually really believe all of the knowledge people share there have really helped me get further with my music career. I've made some pretty awesome relationships with some really rad people at Beat Drop. It's a really great place.

BD: Favourite/least Food?

KB: I really, really, really love pizza which is funny because I'm lactose intolerant. Thankfully I have pills I can take so I can eat cheese. And I really, reallllllly hate cilantro. I actually vomit if I taste it haha.

BD: Do you read in the bathroom?

KB: I'm sure I'm not the only one who does this but we are in an era where technology is everything! So I do read, but using my iPhone!

BD: Who are you listening on high rotation?

KB: I've been listening to Rodhad, Sian and Len Faki a lot these past couple of months. Really great Techno producers and DJs.

BD: Favourite part of TAing at Beat Drop?

KB: I just love being at Beat Drop and helping students out. The environment is great. It's always a nice thing to see them progress and get what they want out of their courses.