Beat Drop Spotlight - Brynn (DJ Heebz)


Brynn Collingridge (DJ Heebz) is one of Calgary's hardest working DJs.  He holds down residencies at The Hifi Club and Commonwealth Bar and Stage in addition to co-instructing Production and Remixing for DJs at Beat Drop.  Brynn is a prolific remixer, DJ and an amazing communicator.  We sat down with Brynn to get his take on DJing and life in general.

BD: Tell us about yourself.  Where are you from?  Where do you call home?

I'm DJ Heebz aka Brynn Collingridge. I grew up in Abbotsford BC, I moved to Calgary when I was 18 and now call Calgary home.

BD: Describe a highlight of your musical career?

Competing in Redbull Thre3style Canadian National Finals in 2014. 

BD: What was your biggest musical failure?

 Taking gigs because they were gigs at the start of my career and falling into a certain type of DJ that I didn't want to be and having to dig myself out of that reputation. (still kind of am)

BD: What do you fear most professionally?

Losing my hearing and not being able to do this (Protect your ears!!)                  

BD: What other projects are you involved in outside of Beat Drop?

Currently hold down residencies at HIFI Club on Thursdays (Hai Karate) and Commonwealth on Saturdays (Modern Vintage). I also play regularly in Banff. That and making edits/remixes/tunes with Ivan Rankic under Hej Zeus.

BD: Can you share a music production of DJing tip?

 A little bit of editing of tracks in Ableton can really help you separate yourself from other DJs. They help you add your own unique touch to your sets. Send these out to your dj homies and even DJ's you don't know and gain some cred! (See Production & Remixing for DJs)

BD: What drives you to pursue your passion?

Watching people dance and release/escape from whatever that may be, is an awesome feeling. Taking people on a musical journey is what I love doing. Being able to take that to other places is definitely a goal of mine and what drives me to get better.

BD: Can you share personal Beat Drop Story?

When I first heard of Beat Drop and started seeing what a great thing they were doing for our community I remember thinking "Man, that would be so dope to be a part of something like that". Having them approach me was such an honour. 


BD: Favourite/least favourite food?

Fav: Ramen (Shout out Shiki Menya) and least fav: mushrooms

BD: Do you read in the bathroom?

It's the best place to catch up on social media, so I guess in a way I do.

BD: Who are you listening to on high rotation?

 I'm a sucker for Young Thug right now. He's so weird, but that's why I think it's great. 

BD: Favourite part of working at Beat Drop?

Seeing students progress throughout class is very rewarding, and then seeing students go out and do something with it and succeed is rad!

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Are you a DJ who wants to learn the art of remixing?  Whether it's mash-ups, edits or remixing Production and Remixing for DJs has you covered.  Production and Remixing for DJs is taught by Brynn Colinridge and Ivan Rankic.

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