Beat Drop Performs @ the Calgary Stampede

Working out parts for the "ROYALS YAHOO REMIX". This is also the first time showing our host Drew Atlas.

The Calgary Stampede is boasted as the "the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth", and is literally in our backyard. In fact its only 5 blocks away from Beat Drop and runs every July for 10 crazy days. The event's roots are traced to 1886 when the Calgary and District Agricultural Society held its first fair. In 1912, American promoter Guy Weadick organized his first rodeo and festival, known as the Stampede. He returned to Calgary in 1919 to organize the Victory Stampede in honour of soldiers returning from World War I. Weadick's festival became an annual event in 1923 when it merged with the Calgary Industrial Exhibition to create the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede. Since then it averages close to 1.5 million people through its gates during the 10 days. 

So when they asked us to perform on the popular "Coke Stage" we took 2 seconds to think about it. It was a no brainer. At the time we had no idea what we would do, but it became pretty clear once we returned back to Beat Drop and sat with the rest of the crew that we needed to showcase the essence of what Beat Drop is all about. Producing and Performing. 

We have some incredible talent here at Beat Drop and have some talented artists associated with the school, so we put our heads together and came up with a set that highlights the craft of DJ'ing and Producing. Using our weapons of choice, the Ableton Push, Native Instruments Maschine, Stanton Turntables and a Rane Mixer we created a live set that tried to be both accessible and technically challenging. We really believed we accomplished that. 

Throughout the set we really wanted to bring an education component to it so we grabbed one of Calgary's best hosts/DJ's/Radio DJ's Drew Atlas. He brings a warmth and energy to everything he does and has been apart of Beat Drop since the beginning. He knows how to include and engage the crowd and there is no one more knowledgable about the music industry and who can clearly articulate what Beat Drop is all about. 

Beat Drop's head DJ instructor Rick Cruz aka DJ C-Sik creates part of the rhythm section of the the live set, along with one of Calgary's premiere Hip Hop producers Mark Gendy aka Egypt on the drums (Native Instrument Maschine). Mitch Lee aka Mr Elastic is on the Ableton Push and Synths, conducting the set. Mitch produced the remix of Lorde's Royals that is performed at the end of the set and the Game of Thrones Remix. Of course we cannot forget the beautiful and talented Jocelyn Alice on Vocals and co wrote the Game of Thrones remix and covers Lorde's Royals.  Jocelyn is the icing on the cake and brings a soulful flavour that has garnered praise around Canada. 

Check out the behind the scenes video of them rehearsing the final track in their set, Lorde's Royals Remix.



DJ C-Sik






Mitch Lee