Beat Drop Fam Peformance - Calgary Stampede 2014

What at amazing time we had at the Calgary Stampede this year (2014). We were able to perform twice a day for 10 days and got to meet some amazing people while sharing what Beat Drop is all about. Big Big shoutouts to Jocelyn Alice, Drew Atlas, Mark Gendy aka Egypt, Rick Cruz aka C-Sik and Mitch Lee aka Mr Elastic for putting together a unique mix of education and entertainment. Thanks also to Lisa Jacobs, and the homies from Humble Giants, Marty Halfcut Loughran and Beni Johnson. Thanks Stampede for including us this year and letting us be a part of this amazing event. Check out the performance below.

Part 1
Beat Drop Head DJ Instructor and 2014 Canadian Red Bull Thre3style champ DJ C-Sik shares with the crowd some basic DJ and Turntablism skills taught at Beat Drop. 

Part 2
Beat Drop's Egypt displays his beat making skills on the Native Instrument Maschine.  

Part 3
Beat Drop's Mr. Elastic uses the Ableton Push to create a live remix of the Game of Thrones theme song with Calgary's Jocelyn Alice.  

Part 4
The Beat Drop fam performs their own remix of Lorde's "Royals"
Make sure to check out the rehearsal of this remix here.

Part 5
The Beat Drop fam is joined by Lisa Jacobs and the Humble Giants to perform live "Don't Let Me Go".
See the studio version.

written by Beat Drop

Beat Drop is a music production & DJ school in Calgary, AB & the only Ableton Certified Training Centre in Canada. Our teachers are professional musicians & DJs who specialize in developing and teaching curriculum in group and 1on1 settings. Our small class sizes, modern day approach to hardware & software, and our experienced instructors will help you meet your musical goals, develop your craft and understand today’s music industry landscape.

Jocelyn Alice

DJ C-Sik - Rick Cruz

Mr Elastic - Mitch Lee

Egypt - Mark Gendy

Drew Atlas

Humble Giants

Jocelyn & Lisa


Shot by: Dreadnaught Digital 

Mitch Lee