Beat Drop Christmas Wishlist Part 7: Chris

We've already heard what the other Beat Droppers all want for Christmas. Last but certainly not least our music theory instructor Chris shares his wishlist item, the Roland TD-30K V-Pro Stage drum kit.

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 11.43.48 PM.png

Roland sets a new standard in drumming performance with their newest electronic drum set. SuperNATURAL sounds with Behaviour Modeling, along with advanced sensing technology, provides a new level of expressive sound quality and playability, resulting in an instrument that reacts and responds to all the subtleties, nuances, and dynamics of a drummers technique. In addition, USB audio-playback functionality has been added to expand the performance palette. 

So why did Chris choose this?

With a wife and a baby, there is no chance I could use a real drum kit in the house. I prefer the feel of real drums, but the mesh heads on these are actually pretty nice.

We hope you enjoyed the Beat Drop Christmas Wishlist, and we hope you get everything you wished for this year!