Beat Drop Christmas Wishlist Part 3: Sandro

Sandro first item on the Beat Drop Christmas Wishlist is the Scarlett 18i20 USB 2.0 audio interface with eight Focusrite mic preamps.


The Scarlett 18i20 is the latest in the company’s new generation of multi-channel USB-based audio interfaces, featuring eight award-winning Focusrite microphone preamplifiers. This has been designed specifically for the computer interface environment, and delivers the legendary sound quality that Focusrite is known for.

Focusrite’s mic preamps are found in the world’s top studios and give the 18i20 an unequalled level of performance, with low noise, minimal distortion and enormous dynamic range. The Scarlett preamps offer exceptional headroom, and two front-panel inputs also offer 10dB pad buttons to handle the highest-level inputs without distortion.

I would love to have one of these to be the backbone of my live set: I need a total of 8 line outputs to handle all of my buss channels heading into an outboard mixer. Focusrite is a great brand that has been around for years. They make a wide range of products for both studio and live set-ups. This piece of kit happens to be quite affordable as well.

And since Sandro has been really good all year, something else he want is a Soundcraft EFX8 outboard mixer. 


This compact analogue 8 channel mixer has built-in effects, and Soundcraft heritage and performance in a compact unit. This is a multipurpose compact mixer at an affordable price.

Soundcraft mixers sound amazing! Super simple layout with a ton of power to really shape the sounds passing through. For a fully functional outboard mixer $500 is insanely inexpensive.

Donald Dinsmore