Bass Coast Tickets in Stock at Beat Drop!!!

"A group of ambitious creatives with a common love of underground arts.

Bass Coast was Co-Founded in 2009 by Liz Thomson, Andrea graham (the Librarian) and Andrea Helleman. The Bass Coast crew has several more core members who have been with us from before day 1! It is only with the ever growing crew of managers and volunteers that we are able to meet and expand our goals each year. We are all Bass Coast. It’s our festival. It’s our coast. It’s our culture."

Needless to say, Bass Coast is a largely influential, amazingly curated weekend of festivities. Beat Drops Sandro Petrillo is a regular attendee that has had the opportunity of playing sets on their stages throughout the transformation, "The festival has truly evolved into an amazing MUST GO event during my summer time. From the beginning in their Squamish chapter to now moving to their new location in Merrit BC, it's been an enormously valuable experience for me. So much talent to feed off of, great friendships have blossomed on the grounds and just purely great energy has come from it - I'll be going for years to come!" says Petrillo. 

They have a fairly grass roots approach to their branding and the way that they spread the word, it's really been a treat to see people's facebook profile pictures change in such a wave as soon as that Bass Coast team uploads a new version. Attendees are loyal, and for good reason!

We have a handful of tickets (50) for the festival available in our store here at Beat Drop. They're $240 each and they're going to go quick, so hurry on down and grab yours! (you must be 19+ years of age to purchase)

Bass Coast Official Website
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