SampleDeck for Novation Launchpad

The SampleDeck is a realtime sampling and remix device for the Novation Launchpad.It uses 2 'samplers' to capture a loop while your song is playing and you have the ability to switch the audio to one of the samplers at any time you want. The Remix Sampler samples a 1 bar or 1/2 bar loop, it chops it up in slices and let's you rearrange the slices in any way you want. The Flex Sampler samples a loop (as long as you like) and let's you do Vinyl-like actions such as stopping/starting the plate, doing a backspin, reversing, ... You can remix and transform everything you want: just a loop, full songs when dj-ing or even a realtime input to remix a live band on the fly. On top of that, SampleDeck also includes an effects section to spice things up