Keyboard Fundamentals 101 - Nov 2013



12 hours of instruction Thursdays 6:00pm - 8:00pm November 6, 8, 22, 29, Dec 6, 13 $599 - REGISTRATION CLOSED SAIT Students receive another 10% off this Core Course. Contact us for a special code. Location: SAIT Instructor: Joanna Borromeo

Upon finishing this course you will know:
 1. How notes are named on the keyboard. 2. How to visualize the keyboard for practical and compositional purposes. 3. What intervals are and what the various types of scales are (major, minor, modal). 4. How to measure various intervals and play them starting on any note. 5. How to play and use scales from any starting note. 6. What MIDI is. 7. How to create melodies, including bass lines. 8. How to identify tonal qualities and intervals by ear.

Who is this class for? • People interested in developing basic keyboarding skills • People who want to start composing music • People who produce music and are interested in learning music theory

Topics Covered: • Visualizing the Keyboard • Ear Training • Keyboard Exercises • MIDI and the MIDI Keyboard • Notes, Intervals and Scales

Prerequisite: • Laptop with Ableton Live or Garageband • Midi Keyboard (2 octave or 25 key controller is perfect) • Passion to learn and love for music

If you need a midi controller to use during class please let us know (first come first serve)