Ableton Live 101 - Fall 2012


3 sessions - 6 hours total Sept 13, 20 and 27 2012 8:00pm - 10:00pm $350 (CLASS FULL) (spots left in Ableton Live Core) Location: SAIT - The Gateway Instructor SAIT Students receive another 20% off (call for coupon code)

Who is this course for? • DJ's looking to get into the world of Live and begin the journey of producing and performing their own material • DJ's and Producers looking to learn to remix their own and other's material • Producers looking to for new tools and sounds for their own music • Singer/Songwriters looking to learn to sketch out song ideas and produce professionally sounding tracks

Computer, Software, Midi Controller and Headphones provided.

Over the course of this 30 hour intensive course we will teach you everything there is to know about creating music in Ableton Live.

Prior musical experience or knowledge of Live or is not required. Through hands-on exercises, students learn Live’s various panes, effects and mixing facilities. By the end of the course, students will be ready to showcase and perform their songs for their peers. Because of the small class size and open learning environment, each student receives ample personal attention and comes away with a working knowledge of this ingenious program.

Topics Include:

Ableton 101

• Overview of Live • The Geography of Live: A Tour of the Ableton Interface • MIDI Clips & the Note Editor: Writing Music with Live Clips • MIDI Quantization & Drums: Building Rhythms and Drum Tracks • Intro to Audio Effects: Tweaking Your Sound • Intro to Midi Effects: Varying your performance • MIDI & Key Controls: Using Live with MIDI Controllers • Recording Your Session: Committing Session View Actions to the Arrange View • Editing Your Arrangement: Refining Your Production in the • Arrange View • Customizing Global Preferences: Making Live Your Own

Each student will practice and learn on a Beat Drop certified rig. This includes laptop, midi keyboard, headphones and software. The only pre-requisite is a basic understanding of computers.

Why Ableton Live?

Nothing touches it for simplicity, creativity and spontaneity. It's super fun to work with and has a unique interface to interact with. For recording and producing to playing live with it simply is the best option out there. For more videos on Ableton Live check out Ableton's Youtube page

** Please note there will be absolutely no refunds after the first class has taken place. ** You may be offered a credit if you cancel your registration within 2 weeks before the first class takes place.


"Having walked in with absolutely minimal knowledge I did not know much of what I was getting into. I can now say after completing Ableton 303 the knowledge gained from the course is absolutely worth it. It was an incredibly helpful course and I had a lot of fun taking it. Infinite thanks to Mitch and his crew." -Russ

"The Ableton Live Core production class is an awesome crash course in professional audio production. Whatever your musical style, the course teaches the fundamental skills to start producing, remixing, and performing with Ableton Live. I had a great time learning, and the classes are fun and engaging. I would highly recommend BeatDrop if you're trying to figure out how to take your passion for music to the next level." -Steve

"Beatdrop was such a helpful course. Coming into beatdrop I had no prior knowledge of the program, Now I have the skills and techniques to lay out a ton of "sick beats" and we got to watch cat videos!!!" -Gage

"This class was well worth the money. Great environment to learn in, and awesome people teaching it. Learned everything I needed to know, and more. Went into this class with out ever touching a DAW, and came out pretty confident in my abilities. Would definitely recommend this class to anyone." -Brad

"The live course was dope! Instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful. The course was well prepared and formatted to give a solid memorble introduction to Live. I came away from the course with an understanding of the abilities of the software, a starting point to pour creativity into, and a lot of song production and mastering ideas to further study and explore. I have been recommending the course to friends that have expressed interest in learning beat production. I've also been loving the free artist workshops. Calgary is blessed to have Beat Drop!" -Scott

“I had a fantastic time at Beatdrop’s Electronic Music Production 101 course. I was very impressed with the facilities and Mitch’s instruction. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to get started producing music on their laptops, and I look forward to taking further courses at Beatdrop to further my education.” –Tyler

“Beat drop was super hype.I love the small class size and hand on approach. Made it easy to learn things quickly” –Kamille

“Beat drop was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. The class was very easy to get along with and the teacher went very in-depth for all the questions I had. Thanks to Beat Drop I’ve made Ableton my main digital audio workstation and I have progressed a lot in electronic music.” –Mike