Ableton How To - Quick Start Overview

Beat Drop's course Ableton Quick Start. Instructed by award winning Producer and Ableton certified trainer Mitch Lee. This short course shows you how Ableton works by taking you through the basics of building a track. Make sure to follow along and download the Ableton Session Files Download:

Topics covered:

Lesson 1 - Beats Understanding the interface of Ableton Live and how to navigate the Session View. How to create a midi clip and create a basic drum pattern using Ableton instrument Impulse.

Lesson 2 - Bass Creating a simpler instrument and adding a waveform to create a bass instrument. How to create a midi clip and add a bass line in Session view.

Lesson 3 - Synth Stabs Create an Ableton Simpler instrument and add a simple synth stab chord progression. See how Ableton has changed the game and added "Clip Envelopes". An amazing way to add automation to clips inside of Ableton.

Lesson 4 - Guitar Stabs Learn more features inside of Simpler and learn how to add some of Ableton's amazing audio effects and how they can give you clips life and energy.

Lesson 5 - Midi FX Not only does Ableton come with amazing audio effects there are some incredible effects that you can add to your midi clips. From building chords to arpegiators to randomizing velocities. An incredible set of tools.

Lesson 6 - Vocal FX How to add a couple vocal samples and mess with it. Add fx and learn to tweak the Simpler instrument.

Lesson 7 - Arranging Learn how to use Arrangement View window and how to take clips from Session view and start to arrange them in Arrangement view. Arrangement view is linear and is the view typically found in most DAWs (Digital Audio Workstation) If you watch only one video in this series this video is it. Most people have a hard time understanding Live's two views.

Lesson 8 - Mix and Outputting Learn some quick tips on mixing in Ableton and how to render or bounce your track in Ableton Live.